Country holiday home

December 7th, 2011 by admin

Your own country cottage house changes significantly human psychology. In his suburban home suburban man feels like a master. Traditional building material for the construction of wooden houses, glued beam in Russia is a tree. Chopped and cobbled walls of the most comfortable for life. Russian people like laminated veneer lumber, wooden summer houses for their warmth, ecology, beauty and comfort. Closeness to nature – a feature of wooden architecture, laminated veneer lumber vosprinimaetsya as an integral part prirody. Kleeny bar is the best material for projects of cottages, country cottage home construction due to its lightness combined with strength, low thermal conductivity, availability, and ease of handling. Man-made building materials still do not have properties, such as laminated veneer lumber. Therefore, in places rich in timber, wooden architecture as well as popular many years ago. The use of modern building materials, improved designs of detached houses of wood used in construction through presepvation, processing and extrusion compounds ognebiozaschitnymi make wood more durable and fire resistant. Create projects of cottages, wooden structural elements of any length and shape allows the use of special adhesives to connect the modern wooden elements, gives even more opportunities to use wood in the projects of cottages. Modern technologies allow to eliminate the main structural deficiencies of wood – fire and low susceptibility to rot and carry out projects of cottages cottage cottage house construction of environmentally friendly building materiala. Stroitelstvo wooden country cottage homes today combines the best traditions of the past and modern design, architectural fantasies and technological solutions. Your new country cottage wooden house can meet the highest requirements of our time.

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